WHAT: Sardonic and off-colour, Carr is a comedian that divides audiences. He is, however, a masterful performer with a stack of golden one-liners. His ninth solo show shows no hint of remorse at years of offence and leaping way over the line and he remains as cringe-inducing and hilarious as ever.
DO IT BECAUSE: Carr is a regular fixture on television panel shows and he sometimes pushes the envelope there but in his life show he really cuts lose, revelling in breaking taboos and butchering sacred cows. There’s nothing quite like the sound of thousands of people trying to decide whether to laugh or boo. Often seen behind a podium reading from an autocue Carr’s real talent lies in interacting with the live audience and gauging just how far he can push them. Not for the conservative minded.

» Brixton Academy, 211 Stockwell Road, SW9 9SL
Novembr 28.
Tube: Brixton
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