Police hunting the murderer of Jo Yeates believe her killer may have taken one of her socks as a ‘trophy’.

The body of Yeates, a 25-year-old architect, was found near her home in Bristol on Christmas Day and was without a coat or shoes and was wearing only one sock.

Police believe Yeates was killed in her home, strangled by someone who later dumped her body in the nearby snowbound lane.

Yeates’ missing grey sock was not recovered from her flat though, prompting police to conclude the killer may have claimed it as a grisly keepsake.

Two killers sought in Joanna Yeates murder
Joanna Yeates Facebook campaign

According to The Sun, one source said: “Jo vanished on a cold night. To have gone out without shoes and a coat is highly unlikely.

“The missing sock raises the possibility that whoever strangled her took it as a trophy.

“Some killers and rapists take such trophies from their victims to remind them of their crimes.

“It is warped and twisted but we are dealing with warped and twisted people.”