More evidence in the Jo Yeates murder investigation has come to light and police are looking into a note and part of a pizza box sent to the Bristol pub where Yeates had her last drink. CCTV footage is also being examined.

A disturbing note along with a piece of torn-off pizza box was sent to the Bristol Ram where Yeates had drinks with friends shortly before disappearing in December 17.

The letter apparently contained Jo’s name and a made-up address and phone number. Yeates bought a pizza on her way home the night she was murdered, but it is not know if the piece of box sent to the pub was from the same pizza.

A patron of the pub told The Sun: “As soon as I saw Jo’s name [on the note] I realised it could be very important. I couldn’t see whether the box came from the same pizza that she bought.”

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Christmas card or sock may hold clues in Jo Yeates murder

Police have seized the package and said that all leads on the case will be taken seriously.

There have been unconfirmed reports that the pizza box bought by Yeates on her final night may have been found. Police said that a “highly significant” piece of evidence has turned up and it is understood not to be the sock that was missing from her body the day it was found.

If it is the pizza box, soil and pollen tests will expected to be carried out.

The Daily Mail reports a  police source as saying: ‘This, along with the DNA analysis, is being treated extremely seriously as a credible piece of evidence.”

Police are alos hopful that CCTV footage will shed light on what happend. Yesterday, officers examining footage of the final route believed to have been taken by the Yeates said 80 per cent of the film viewed so far had been of “good quality”.

Officers have been looking at images from cameras across the city, including 32 on the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the most direct route from the 25-year-old’s flat to where her body was found.  A police spokesperson said: “We are still ploughing through, it’s a painstaking process.”

Jo Yeates’ final text has also been revealed. The landscape architect texted friend Matthew Wood, 28, on her way home from the pub to see if he wanted to go for a drink.

Wood, who is not a suspect, texted Yeates back to say that he was busy and is now haunted by the fact that she may not have been alive to receive his message.

“It is horrifying to think that she may have been dead when I texted her,” Wood said.