Fashion designer John Galliano could face six months in jail when a court reveals its verdict on charges of racism today (Thursday).

The 50-year-old insulted customers in a Paris bar in February, ranting: "I love Hitler" and denouncing a woman a "dirty Jew".

Overheard by dozens of witnesses, the stylist said Geraldine Bloch had "ugly eyebrows" and "cheap thigh boots".

Following the drunken comments, Galliano was sacked by Christian Dior.

In a separate incident recorded on video, Galliano was shown insulting an Italian woman at the same bar last October.

He said: "People like you ought to be dead, your mothers, your forefathers would all be ——- gassed. I love Hitler."

John Galliano racism trial

John Galliano faces jail after anti-Semitic abuse

Galliano has apologised for the slurs, but says he can't remember them taking place because of his alcohol, Valium and sleeping pill addiction.

He told the court: "I would crash after every creative high, and the alcohol would help me to escape.

"My body was becoming used to the pills, so my intake increased to an amount that I actually can't remember how many I was taking."

He added: "Anti-Semitism and racism have no part in our society. I unreservedly apologise for my behaviour in causing any offence.

"All I can hope for in time is to address the personal failure which led to these circumstances and try and earn people's forgiveness."

The verdict will be delivered at 1.30pm today – 12.30pm GMT.