Which got me thinking about how this would be the perfect place for a European road trip. On Eurotunnel Le Shuttle it only takes 35 minutes from Folkstone to Calais with your own car, and from there it would be possible to drive all the way through France and Spain.

1. There’s So Much Choice

What’s great about a road trip through France and Spain is how much you can customise and tailor the route to you. Once you’ve crossed from Folkstone to Calais on Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, central Europe is your oyster. Do a bit of research and throw together your dream trip!

You could take the coastal route through France, stopping at pretty and largely overlooked seaside towns like Boulogne-sur-Mer before turning inland after St Malo. Or, you could take the inland route across France, stopping by towns like Orléаnѕ, Bourges, and Blois along the way.

2. Beautiful Cities

Both France and Spain are full of beautiful cities. My road trip route above takes in some really lovely ones, many of them seriously underrated. These are some of the best stop overs along the way.

Orléаnѕ – Not far from Paris, the upscale city of Orléаnѕ makes a good road trip stop. With cobbled streets and half timbered houses, it’s seriously picturesque, and there’s a lot of history here. Most notably, that of Joan of Arc, who famously donned armour here to help protect the city from the invading British army.

Toulouse – Known as La Ville Rose (the pink city), this gorgeous city of terracotta tiles lies on either side of the Garonne River. It’s a bit of a detour from the route but worth it if you can spare an extra day or two to see a little more of France.

3. Wine Country

It goes without saying that one of the big draws for tourists visiting France is the wine. A road trip through France could take you through Lа Côte d’Or in Burgandy, where the small stretch of road leading from Santenay to Dijon passes through some stunning scenery and some of the best vineyards on the planet. En route to Spain, there’s also Bordeaux, considered by many the wine capital of the world. Swing by some of the most famous estates, take a wine tour, or even spend the night at the сhâtеаu.

4. Deserted Beaches

Spain’s southern coast might be jam-packed with holidaymakers, but the north coast is a different world entirely. Despite having some of the prettiest beaches I’ve ever some across, this region is very underrated and you’ll often find you have a beach all to yourself, even in summer.

5. Stunning Drives

A great road trip has to involve good roads. Luckily, both countries boast plenty. With everything from mountains to marshlands, there are plenty of stunning drives through epic landscapes all across France and Spain.

The coastal drive from Boudeaux to Biarritz is considered one of the most scenic in the country. On the one hand the Bay of Biscay with its windswept surfing beaches, and on the other lies the wild and rugged Landes de Gascogne National Park.

Travelling by road from France to Spain can be so much fun and it’s a great adventure for travellers. Comparing car rental services with Holiday Autos can be beneficial if you would like to rent a car for your holiday travel.

If you’ve ever taken a road trip through France and Spain we’d love to hear from you.