American atheists will throw parties in response to an evangelical broadcaster’s prediction that Saturday will be “judgement day”.

Evengelicist Harold
Camping, 89, predicts that Jesus Christ will return to earth on
Saturday and true believers will be swept up, or “raptured”, to heaven.

Camping has promoted his beliefs on broadcasts and billboards.

He believes biblical texts indicate that a giant earthquake on Saturday will
mark the start of the world’s destruction, and that by 21 October all
non-believers will be dead.

Camping has spead apocalypse predictions before. he was prved wrong in 1994, though followers claim that only
referred to an intermediary stage.

“We learn from the
Bible that Holy God plans to rescue about 200 million people,” says a
text on the website of Mr Camping’s network, Family Radio Worldwide.

the first day of the Day of Judgment (May 21, 2011) they will be caught
up (raptured) into Heaven because God had great mercy for them.”