Police discovered a large Justin Bieber mural on the wall of one of Brazil’s biggest drug trafficker’s during a raid recently.

Police were involved in a major bust which saw 2,500 plus officers seizing up to 11 tonnes of marijuana from Complexo do Alemao, a huge network of slums which is also home to some of of Rio de Janeiro’s biggest drug lords, when they made the unlikely discovery on Sunday, The Guardian reports.

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The Justin Bieber mural belonged to Pezao, one of Brazil’s biggest traffickers and appeared above the words, One Time, the title of the singer’s chart-topping hit single.

The police also uncovered an arsenal of assault rifles and a missile. The week long sieges which culminated in Sunday’s raid have have left at least 50 people dead.

Rio’s governor, Sergio Cabral told The Guardian the raid was an attempt to make up for “30 years of neglect” in the city’s slums.

“We are recovering Rio de Janeiro from decades of ills, economic and social crises and political failure,” he said, vowing to promote a “social” invasion of the newly conquered slum.

He made no comment on the Justin Bieber picture in Pezao’s home.

A favourite with screaming tweens, 16 year old Bieber has been busy promoting his new album My Worlds Acoustic, a collection of stripped-down versions of songs from his first two releases.