The sex tape is 20 minutes long and, according to RadarOnline, which claims to have seen the tape, the star really is Kanye West.

West’s girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, has starred in her own sex tape (West has admitted to watching it regularly before he got together with the girl herself), but the new video does not feature Kardashian, instead West is seen with a lookalike.

The Kanye West sex tape is apparently filmed in a hotel and sees West and the girl having sex but not kissing or talking, apart from a moment when the girl reportedly tells Kanye: “My husband and I don’t have sex anymore… that’s why I’m here!”

According to RadarOnline, the sex tape was shot shortly before West and Kardashian became an item.

A sex industry insider told the website: “The sex tape is being shopped right now and there’s a lot of interest, but Kanye is freaking out!”

According to the website, West is aware he is being filmed and turns to gaze into the camera during the film’s, erm, climax.

West has made no bones about his pride in Kardashian’s contribution to the celebrity portfolio of sex tapes.

“Eat breakfast at Gucci/My girl a superstar all from a home movie,” he raps in new single, Clique.