Which is why the boarding passengers of an easyJet flight from Bodrum, Turkey were amused when a clearly intoxicated Kate Moss appeared to use the infamous line in a bid to get on the flight.

The supermodel was seen holding up a queue of passengers on their way to Gatwick in an effort to gain a seat aboard the plane, despite reportedly not having a ticket or being particularly sober.

After a lengthy conversation with the duty manager, Kate was eventually ushered onto the plane in high spirits.

One eyewitness said: “The general consensus was that she didn’t have a ticket but after chatting to the manager for some time she was whisked on to a flight.

“It was pretty obvious Kate had had a bit to drink. If I had showed up that drunk there’s no way I’d be let on the plane but she is Kate Moss.”

Metro reports that once on board the flight, Kate was hapy to chat to the other passengers and kept her cool, even when the flight was delayed.

The supermodel was travelling home after ironically spending time at a detox centre near Bodrum.

An easyJet spokesperson was unable to disclose information due to data protection laws, however, the company did say: “Every passenger on that flight had to pay for and had a ticket.”

Image credit: Getty