The model was opposing the motion “This house believes the only limit to female success is female ambition”.

She was cheered on by students after a 10-minute speech in which she said: “It’s all about reaching your goals.”

The Mayor of London’s sister, who edits posh women’s magazine The Lady, aimed a number of barbs at Price when it was her turn to debate.

“The sky is the limit, or in your case a 10-part series on Sky called Katie,” she said.

She added – potentially a little unnecessarily, considering what the debate was about – “Katie Price’s novels are for real lovers of literature.”

President of the Cambridge Union, Katie Lam, said that she had decided to invite Price because “she’s a prominent public figure who is very popular among and represents the aspirations of a large number of women and girls in the UK, and I thought her perspective would be a valuable one to add to the debate”.

Johnson found time to tweet during the debate, posting: “I would like to confirm that we are getting on like a proverbial house on fire, cough.”

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