An report on Channel Nine claimed that the England batsman’s use of silicon tape on the edge of his bat was making it hard for hotspot to pick up edges.

A captain on read: “Concerns were apparently raised after Kevin Pietersen’s contentious dismissal in the second innings at Old Trafford.

“Hot Spot detected no signs of an edge from Pietersen, however Snicko later revealed clear evidence of a nick.”

KP responded on Twitter, saying: “Horrible journalism yet again! My name brought up in hotspot crisis suggesting I use silicon to prevent nicks showing! Such hurtful lies.

“I am never afraid of getting out! If I nick it, I’ll walk. To suggest I cheat by covering my bat with silicon infuriates me.”

Pietersen also pointed out that the policy would have the effect of dimming edges that would potentially save him from lbw decisions.

“How stupid would I be to try and hide a nick when it could save me on an LBW appeal – like in 1st innings where hotspot showed I nicked it.”

Silicon tape is commonly used on cricket bats throughout all levels to prevent splintering and cracks.

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