KB Fitness is unique in that it offers expert rather than aerobics-based tuition in every discipline.

People are searching for an alternative and more fulfilling way to exercise. Indeed, for many people, going to the gym is seen as a necessary evil that they’d rather avoid, as opposed to an exciting and stimulating way to keep fit and healthy.

We all know that regular exercise is important and has huge benefits for both body and mind, yet making the time not to mention finding the enthusiasm can be difficult. However, if you wish to re-ignite your passion for exercise, meet new people and learn something new, then look no further than KB Fitness.

The camaraderie is unprecedented and members bond and develop their skills together.

For one monthly price, you can be learning kick-ass kung fu moves, how to stay safe with self-defence moves, or a calming yoga sequence that is guaranteed to help you sleep like a baby.