A group of Jacob Zuma
supporters chanting “Kill Shilowa, kill Lekota”, toyi-toyed outside an
Orange Farm venue on Thursday where former ANC chairperson Terror Lekota was due to hold a public meeting.

The group of Zuma supporters carried posters of his face, wore yellow
ANC t-shirts and handed out ANC pamphlets, as more and more policemen
arrived to keep a close watch.

Singing struggle songs, some of the Zuma supporters chanted: “Kill
Shilowa, kill Lekota”, as supporters of Lekota, wearing their own
yellow t-shirts flooded out of the Multi-Purpose Centre to sing their
own songs.

“These people are fat cats,” said Zuma supporter Wilfred Malapane, 43.

“They think we are stupid, to hell with them, they are not welcome here.”

“They always want to be in power, they always want to remain fat cats,
they are trying to destroy the ANC,” said Malapane as a police
helicopter flew over the area.