Kissing couples in Thailand managed to lock lips for 33 hours, breaking the current Guinness World Record for longest kiss, which stood at 32 hours.

In Thailand’s resort of Pattaya, smooching couples took part of an attempt to beat the kissing world record which was set in Germany last year.

Rules included that the couple must most not break lip-contact and could not sit, sleep or leave the venue at any time. They were, however, allowed to leave to use the toilet.

The kissing marathon kicked off at 6:00 a.m. local on Sunday (2300 GMT), with each couple given a space of 1 square metre in which they had to spend the time swapping spit.

Food and drink could only be taken through straws, again with lips locked.

The winning couple received a diamond ring worth £1,000 and a £2,000 cash prize.

However, the record-breaking attempt was not without its dangers and one woman fainted after 34 minutes of kissing.

Is it just us, or is the thought of kissing for 32 hours as you eat your liquidised dinner through a straw about the un-sexiest thing you’ve ever heard?

Watch here.

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