To help the lads and lasses by-the-left-quick-marching, they could do worse than parody James Brown and swing their arms to Say it Loud, I’m Gay and I’m Proud.

It turns out that New Zealand’s armed forces is top of the league of when it comes to including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender soldiers. A proud boast for the gritty lads and lasses who follow in the footsteps of their brave Anzac ancestors.

The Dutch are in second place in the new LGBT Military Index that measures admittance, tolerance, exclusion or persecution of homosexuals, followed by Britain, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Denmark and Belgium.

The United States is down in 40th place, while Nigeria sits at the bottom of the 100-plus strong list with other African countries like Uganda, Ghana and Zimbabwe faring, like Iran and Syria, little better.

Image credit: Thinkstock