Ever wondered how much it costs to light some of the world’s most famous buildings and cities? The team at Lyco have. So much so that they decided to find out exactly how much it costs per year to light up some of the world’s favourite sites – here’s looking at the Blackpool Tower and the Sydney Opera House to name but two – and the results have been, ahem, illuminating.

Coming in at the bottom of the list is the subtly lit Buckingham Palace at less than £9,500.00 per year and topping the list at a dazzling £99,154,000.00 is the world famous Las Vegas Strip, probably the most illuminated resort in the world. 

In recent years lighting public spaces has become an art form, and many world famous landmarks have become “must see” attractions when lit up at night. Almost daily breath-taking light shows in Hong Kong and Singapore attract tourists to these two Far Eastern Cities, and the spectacular light displays at the Montjuic Fountains of Barcelona, the London Eye and the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen entertain visitors every night. 

The Eiffel Tower and the Empire State are famous for using coloured lights to make statements about current events, whether they are standing in solidarity with the rest of the world or celebrating national and international events. 

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