Grammy Award nominee and Brit award winner, KT Tunstall, broke into the public eye with a 2004 live solo performance of her song Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. Since then she has gone on to conquer the folk-rock scene with twelve projects under her belt.

The LP is technically KT’s fifth, full-length collection of original material however, she sees it as her second album; the long-awaited, full-blooded follow-up to her debut.

KT said: “This record was very much embracing my kharma as an artist, which is to write happy songs that are also good. What I discovered I had to say, and what I’m saying on this record is: I’ve been through a lot, so have you, here’s the verse telling you what it is, and here’s the chorus for you to dance to! Love, KT.”

KT Tunstall will appear at hmv Oxford Street, 363 Oxford Street, London W1C 2LA, Friday 9 September at 18.00.