Those who have suffered from abuse or incarceration, for instance, have been shown to become more susceptible to mental health disorders such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. In some cases, they also turn to drugs to make themselves feel better. All of these issues can lead to more problems for these women down the road. 

A severe lack of support

It’s already difficult for women to deal with transition or dislocation, but what makes it more challenging is the severe lack of support for them. Having a support group is imperative to lift up the spirits of these women and let them feel that they have other people to lean on during this difficult time in their life. Kumari Fulbright, a women’s advocate, and self-made entrepreneur wants to provide support for these women to help them put an end to their problems and achieve more than they could imagine.

Kumari’s diverse professional background along with her own tribulations has allowed her to empathize with women and the different problems they face. She has worked in multiple firms since her college years, including as an event planner for local clubs in Detroit. This has developed her entrepreneurial spirit, leading her to found her own event planning business. Recently, she has also acquired real estate license in Florida and is working on her license in the state of Nevada as well.

Throughout her life, Kumari has always had a soft heart for the less fortunate. This started during her childhood when her parents took her to homeless shelters and old-age homes. The act of volunteering has been ingrained in her heart, something she cherishes to this day. She has dedicated her time to various community activities throughout her school years. Today, even as a professional, Kumari continues to does her part in making her community better with her non-profit organization, The Freedom Initiative Project.

The Freedom Initiative Project

Kumari shares that her decision to put up an organization dedicated to helping women was born out of her personal experiences in the corporate setting. She has dealt with the same problems women often experienced such as not being recognized for what they’re worth and failing to receive as much salary as men for the same kind of work. Kumari knows that the business world continues to lean toward the side of men, but she knows that this is something that can be changed through the collective voice of women. 

“We aim to provide ample support for women going through tough times,” Kumari says. Women deal with several problems that could have otherwise been avoided if only they were treated fairly. These problems cause different health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, prompting women to quit their jobs and question themselves as to where they would go next.

By drawing inspiration from her personal experiences in transition, Kumari understands the plight of these women, particularly in forging the road to recovery. She hopes that the Freedom Initiative Project can serve as the voice for women and inspire them to find solutions to their problems and break traditional gender norms in the workplace.

A Lifelong Passion for Education

According to Kumari, education holds the key to the bright future of struggling women. She’s particularly keen on helping women who have been recently released from jail. She knows how difficult it is for these women to start a fresh chapter in their life because of how society views them. Entering the workforce proves challenging, with some even saying it’s downright impossible. But through proper education, Kumari says that it’s possible for these women to start anew and pursue anything they long to achieve.

She goes on to say that her favorite way of giving back to the community is through teaching others. While studying law, she would allow her free time tutoring elementary students. She has also taught math and science to young adults preparing for their GED.

The Freedom Initiative Project reaches out to women going through dislocation and transition, providing them with necessary education materials to reshape their lives. This aligns with the reports by the USSC which states that the education level of offenders has a direct correlation with the likelihood of reoffending. 

Education opens new doors for women, giving them more avenues to explore instead of resorting back to their old ways. Ultimately, Kumari believes that it’s only a matter of providing these women with the right opportunities to hit the reset button and build more productive lives.

Forming a Family

While going through some rough patches in life, Kumari has always relied on her family for support—and they have never disappointed. Kumari is blessed with a tight-knit family, the kind that’s always ready and willing to offer their help in times of need. Kumari says that despite having a core group of friends, she considers her family members to be her best friends. And through her organization, she aims to let their members feel that they have a family as well.

“Education can only take a person so far,” Kumari explains. She says that without the proper supportive network, women can end up feeling inadequate despite developing new life skills. The Freedom Initiative Project basically acts as the supportive family for these women, giving them someone to lean on throughout their healing process.

Kumari Fulbright is the kind of person that’s easy to approach and talk to. Her cheerful and positive personality just shines through, as can be seen on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. She leverages her social network to spread the mission of her organization, trusting that others will find the empathy and compassion in their hearts to do what they can in helping women transition from traumatic experiences.

The Freedom Initiative Project continues to hold awareness campaigns throughout the United States, and their number of members keeps on rising. Visit to find out more about them.