When To Go

La Tomatina is held on the last Wednesday in August and the action starts at about 11am, but to get in the thick of it, get there early. Crowds start forming much earlier. The tomato throwing lasts for about an hour.

Getting There

The closest airport to Buñol, where La Tomatina is held, is Valencia, where most people also stay as accommodation in Buñol is limited.

Buses and trains run regular services from Valencia to Buñol and take about an hour. Get to the train or bus station early on the day to ensure you get a seat, as it will be crowded.

Vital Info

Avoid wearing T-shirts with bullseyes to La Tomatina — you’re just asking for trouble. Also take some money with you (tucked into a safe pocket) for a drink, some food or a souvenir T-shirt after the chaos.


Joining a tour company is probably the most cost effective way of going to La Tomatina, as they’ll drive you in and out of Buñol and provide lots of practical info. Otherwise, organise your own accommodation in Valencia and catch the train from the city’s central station to Buñol for the festival.

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