MacShane was found to have faked 19 invoices worth £12,900. The Labour part have said that the former minister’s ‘career as a Labour MP is effectively over’.

The former British Minister for Europe Denis MacShane was also accused of claiming for laptop computers.

The report published today by The Committee on Standards and Privileges read “He has expressed his regret, and repaid the money wrongly claimed. But this does not excuse his behaviour in knowingly submitting 19 false invoices over a period of four financial years which were plainly intended to deceive the Parliamentary expenses authorities.”

“This is so far from what would be acceptable in any walk of life that we recommend that Mr MacShane be suspended from the service of the House for 12 months. This would mean he lost his salary and pension contributions for this period.”

MacShane is said to be ‘considering his position’ and said he was “shocked and saddened” by the report.

Main image: MacShane in 2005 (Getty images)