Wednesday’s demonstration is part of the SlutWalk movement, which calls for a change in police and prosecution priorities to get more rapists and sex offenders behind bars, reports the Huffington Post.

Campaigners say only seven out of every 100 reported rapes end in conviction.

The SlutWalk movement began in 2011, after a Toronto policeman caused told a group of female students that they should not dress provocatively in order to avoid being sexually assaulted.

Since then a string of protests and marches have taken place in Canada, the United States and Britain. Demonstrators are often scantily-clad to draw attention to the fact that women’s appearance is commonly used to excuse rape or sexual assault.

“SlutWalk wants justice for the thousands of rape survivors who were told by the police and courts that they were dressed too provocatively, they didn’t scream loudly enough, they were too drunk or too young or too mentally ill to understand what had happened to them,” a spokeswoman said.

“By marching again this year, we are letting the authorities know that we will not go away until they take rape seriously by thoroughly investigating and prosecuting.”

There is a planned ‘Slutwalk’ in central London this Saturday.