Ed Miliband has promised to rein in rich predators and put the brakes on the kind of unrestrained capitalism which has jeopardised the economy and lead to inequality in the UK.

In his annual party conference speech the Labour leader attacked the money hungry values which have been fostered under previous governments.

“We have allowed values which say take what you can, I’m in it for myself, to create a Britain that is too unequal,” he said.

“The people at the top taking unjustified rewards isn’t just bad for the economy. It sends a message throughout our society about what values are OK.”

“It will be a tough fight to change Britain,’ he added. But I’m up for the fight: The fight for a new bargain.”

With a swerve to the left, the Labour leader also distanced himself from previous New Labour leaders Tony Blair and Gordon Brown who he said had fostered a “fast buck” culture.

He even went as far as to declare: “I’m not Tony Blair”

Miliband also attacked business leaders such as disgraced banker Sir Fred Goodwin, for not being accountable for their businesses’ failures.

In an old school Labour move, Miliband said he would put workers’ representatives on company boards to keep bosses pay in check and said Labour would support companies that took on apprentices.

Miliband also attacked the Conservative government’s new austerity measures, particularly the government’s NHS reform, saying: “You can’t trust the Tories with the NHS."

He also sought to appeal to hardworking families middle class families by offering a "new bargain based on Britain’s values”.

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