Now she’s a world famous pop superstar, but three years ago Lady Gaga was caught on film getting tattooed by reality star Kat Von D.

The footage is from LA in 2008, when a 22-year-old Gaga arrived at a session at LA Ink star Kat Von D’s tattoo parlour in a long blonde wig and skintight electric blue trousers.

Gaga gets a tattoo of a cluster of entwined roses on her lower back.

Kat Von D says to Gaga: “I love your pants”.

Then Gaga says: “I’m a singer and also a songwriter for other artists. I worked with New Kids on the Block last night, it was rad.”

When it’s done, Gaga complements Kat on her “beautiful work” and tells her: “That looks great, I love it.”

“It’s really elegant. The lines are perfect.”

Check it out here: