The sleepiest, most relaxed capital city you’ll ever find. A great place to meander between temples, cafes and some fantastic (and cheap) French restaurants

Luang Prabang

A World Heritage Listed city that certainly justifies its status. There are dozens of temples and beautifully preserved buildings, and a real touch of Lao history. Add in some great places to sample Lao cuisine and it’s a beautiful place to spend a few days.

Mekong River boat trip

Cruising down the Mekong is a fantastic backpacking experience. Not to be missed on a trip to Laos.

Vang Vieng

A magnet for backpackers who want to chill out and/or party hard. Laze along the river in a truck tyre inner tube while drinking a hash milkshake, or get into some adventure activities in the stunning mountains and caves surrounding the town.

Lao New Year

Celebrated in April, the Buddhist New Year is a great time to be in Laos. Everyone, including monks, get into the spirit of the Songkan (Water Festival) by dousing passers-by with water. Trust us, it’s way more fun than it sounds!

Taking it easy

Laos truly is a laidback country. There’s something about the locals and the scenery that encourages doing things at a slower pace, which makes a nice contrast to lots of other Asian destinations.