Kiwi fans watching the race at Eton Dorney were ecstatic as Murray and Bond glided past the finish line with what appeared to be little effort, bringing home another gold medal for New Zealand.

It was a close call between the runners-up but finally France took silver while Britain took bronze.

The New Zealand team were firm favourites to win gold for their country today and the pair won awe from commentators as they powered ahead in today’s race.

Since coming together in 2009, Murray and Bond have become New Zealand’s golden boys, not once in four years allowing another crew to win any race, heat or final, ahead of them.

The New Zealand pair left other teams in their wake both in today’s Olympics final and in Wednesday’s semifinal.

Before the competition even began, John Inverdale admitted:  “Barring the boat breaking in half, New Zealand are going to get the gold medal”.

Veteran Olympic athlete Steve Redgrave agreed: “They are the class act of this regatta.”

Bond and Murray said a few days ago that their thirst for winning is unquenched.

“We’ve never been beaten, so I guess you could say the limit of our capabilities is, as yet, untapped,” Bond said.

“We just want to go out and express ourselves and try to put into action all the things we’ve done in the last four years.”

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