The school will be the first of its kind; a place dedicated to bringing Spain’s rich culinary delights to London through cookery classes and monthly lunch clubs.  

The  space for the launch event and all the classes will be the London Cooking Project – a bright airy space decorated with fairy lights and more importantly a big open kitchen so you can watch all the action. As I stepped inside the aroma of paella hung in the air. The dish itself, which was bubbling away, was being guarded under the watchful eyes of the Executive Chefs Marlon and Javi. 

To quell any hunger pangs guests were offered a selection of tapa: empandascroquetas and Spanish tortillas and, of course, wine. 

Watching the paella bubbling away was mesmerising but the real treat was listening to the founders Lana and Xavi talk about the tradition of eating paella. The both spoke with such passion it was hard not to feel like – as Xavi spoke about – being part of a celebration. 

They served two paella dishes – one meat filled and the other vegetarian. For the purposes of the review (I am that piggy!) I tried both. I considered myself to be knowledgeable on paella, well as knowledgeable as you get when you’ve only ever eaten it on holidays in Spain but to my surprise there was no seafood or chorizo in the dish. In my mind’s eye I can still see the look of annoyance on Xaxi’s face as he explained both seafood an chorizo have no place in traditional paella. As they say, every days a school day. 

What traditional meaty paella does include is: chicken, rabbit and snails. The dish we were served had no snails just chicken and rabbit but, my, was it tasty. It was melt in your mouth goodness. The veggie dish was also excellent. I always enjoyed paella but this was something else. 

Cookery Classes 

Cookery classes will be taking place every Monday, 6:30-9:30pm in the Battersea venue. Students can learn how to prepare a different paella and tapa each week and will sit down at the end of the evening to enjoy their creations together. Classes cost £45. 

Paella & Fire Sunday Lunch Club 

A lunch club will take place on Sundays on a monthly basis, 12-4pm. Guests will be able to enjoy a different of paella and tapas each week. The events cost £25 and are BYOB. 

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London Paella Project @ The London Cooking Project, 1 Ethelburga Street, London, SW11 4AG.