Hundreds of people arrived at Vista University in Bloemfontein on Sunday for an address by former ANC chairman Terror Lekota.

The provincial political convention was arranged by ANC dissidents, Many of whom have resigned from the ANC in the past week.

Former Free State National Executive Committee member Charlotte Lobe said the venue at the Free State University of Technology was cancelled by the management.

“I was called by the vice chancellor who said we cannot gather at the Free State University of Technology.”

Lobe said all arrangements were properly done for the meeting at the Free State University of Technology.

“They folded under pressure from the ANC so we moved to Vista.”

Lobe said Lekota was still to address the meeting even if it took place under the trees.

Hundreds of people started to arrive at Vista from 10am.

Many were standing around under the trees outside the Vista arena while groups were singing inside.

One of the songs contained the lyrics, “Lekota must produce a whip for Zuma and Malema.”