Liam Payne decided to take it upon himself to show his fans a little too much love – by posting a naked picture of himself on his Instagram account on Sunday. He did, however, kindly pixelate his manhood, but that hasn’t stopped us coming up with some of the gang’s other various mishaps over the last few years, and here is the best – or the worst – of them.

Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson embroiled in drug scandal:

One of the more recent problems for the band was one completely of their own doing, as both Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson decided to release a new music video for their fans in the back of a car. Only this time, there was a lot less music and a lot more of the illegal drug, marijuana. The video was then leaked in late May 2014 and for obvious reasons the pair have attempted to keep a low profile since.

Harry Styles spotted gambling in Melbourne:

In September 2013, Mr. Styles was spotted gambling upon a recent tour visit to Perth, reportedly losing a small sum of his large fortune in the process. While gambling is a habit often undertaken by many celebrities, the incident came just days after a ‘dressing down’ from management, and probably wasn’t Harry’s smartest idea. Of course, if Harry had any sense he would have simply gambled online under a pseudonym at an Australian site such as Casino Tropez. He may even have landed a tidy casino bonus as well – not that he needs it, though!

Louis blasts the media over ongoing romance rumours with Harry Styles:

Louis Tomlinson finally snapped in 2012 after months of speculation that he and his fellow band member Harry Styles were embroiled in a secret romance. The media even gave the ‘couple’ a pet name in the form of ‘Larry Stylinson’ and that proved all too much for Tomlinson to deal with, who argued that while the jokes were funny at first, they were beginning to have a negative effect on his relationship with Eleanor Calder.

Harry shows some style by catching the eye of Caroline Flack whilst on The X Factor:

This one is arguably the first major media issue the One Direction lads were faced with, as it emerged that Harry Styles had managed to snap up TV presenter Caroline Flack, who is 15 years his senior! Cue disparaging words from the band’s adoring fan-base, and Harry was forced to declare that he was in fact single after being put on the spot during a radio appearance in 2011. Looks like he got a lot of ‘flack’. Ho ho ho.

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