The mayor of Lithuania's capital drove a tank over car parked illegally in a cycle lane of his city, Vilnius, in a pro-cycling stunt filmed for a TV show.

The video of the mayor’s in an armoured vehicle, posted on Youtube, has been met with delight by bike riders all over the world.

After Lithuanian mayor Arturas Zuokas drives his tank over the Mercedes, the apparent owner (yes, we know it’s probably staged) emerges in a fit of fury to see his car being towed.

"That's what will happen if you park your car illegally," keen cyclist Zuokas wrote on the Vilnius City website.

Watch the mayor's tank flatten a Mercedes


The car-crushing stunt was filmed for a Swedish TV series, 99 Things You Should Do Before You Die.

Youtube users are impressed.

“Motorists, especially wealthy ones, worldwide, have total disregard for bicycles and the riders. The fact I choose to ride does not mean I cannot afford or don't have a car! MY LIFE IS WORTH AS MUCH AS THE NEXT PERSON, whether I am in a car or on a bicycle.

“Crushing the cars of inconsiderate jerks and letting them pay for the damage and inconvenience will make them think. Fines are a mere trifle and have no effect,” wrote Gilb312.

May have called for similar methods of dealing with illegally parked cars to be implemented in their cities.

“bravo lithuania!!! I hoped this could be done also in Athens,” said Idotyxidis.

“OMG… this guy needs to come to San Francisco…” wrote SeaEagleAdmin.

“In Marseilles, you would never have enough tanks for all the cars,” commented ofaurax.

“Malta needs a major like him!” says dru2131.

Boris Johnson, take note: Get a tank.