The Indie label has already launched this year’s ‘Be Somebody’ competition and round two has just begun.  The competition has spread throughout London to eight different venues and will be on for the next 10 months, in its search to find the next big thing.  

Next Wednesday the audition will be at Trapeze Bar in Shoreditch. This great little venue hosts live music every Wednesday but puts aside the third Wednesday of every month for The Indie Label. 

One of this week’s contestants will be the Singing Pictures.  I have heard this Welsh duo perform before. Singer/songwriters, Rhys and Shem are definitely a couple of cheeky chappies with a flair for performance.   In fact if they decided to give up music, comedy would be another alternative.  They interact well with their audiences and create a great atmosphere.  They sound great and have an indie rock feel with a touch of pop in their songs. This duo has a great future and definitely worth watching. Check them out at:

Here are some of the people that have got through from the first round:

Alice Gullick
Sweet 17 year old who sings a mixture of pop and folk. Alice has a nice collection of songs that make you feel like you are at a festival.  Her voice is strong yet melodic and I look forward to seeing her songs develop the more she gigs.

Peter Mourad
Peter is a singer/songwriter from Kent.  He accompanies himself with a keyboard and seems a little shy on stage, until he starts to perform.  He starts off sounding a little bit like Ed Sheeran, but soon his style comes out and he flicks from raspy to smooth depending on where his songs take him.  

Check out these free to attend showcases:

18 March from 7pm, Trapeze Bar, 89 Great Eastern Street