The Australian hurdler was ecstatic on her gold medal win, leaping into the air with a shout when the result was announced.

Australia had its hopes pinned on Pearson and in the event she carried the country to a tough finish, powering through the 100m hurdles with a look of pure determination on her face.

Pearson was tailed throughout the race by Dawn Harper but beat the American over the final hurdle by just 2 hundredths of a second.

Cementing her world champion status Pearson set a new Olympic record of 12.35.

Pearson is the reigning world outdoor and indoor champion and Olympic silver medallist but she was gunning for gold today, after recording the fastest time ever in an Olympics in an opening round for hurdles heats and leaving opponents for dust in the semi final.

Aussies will be celebrating after today saw a change in fortune for a country hanging its head over disappointing London 2012 Olympics results. Pearson’s gold medal win came only hours after Anna Meares thrashed Victoria Pendleton to take gold in the women’s cycling sprint final.