World’s fastest man, Bolt, has said he will smuggle a skipping rope into the Olympic stadium for his next race after a jobsworth official removed it from his bag before Sunday’s 100 metres final.

Bolt said he was irritated with the myriad of Olympic rules.

“Oh my God, why are there so many rules? You can’t do nothing,” he said after winning the 200m sprint heat today.

“It’s weird, some of the rules. I was coming in a while ago and I had my skipping rope in my bag and they said I can’t bring it in. I was like, ‘Why?’

“I am going to do it tomorrow. I am going to stick it under my bag, bottom of my bag or something.”

Bolt finished his 200m sprint in 20.39secs today, a good omen if he is to achieve his aim if winning the final, something he deems necessary to achieve his aim of becoming a ‘legend’.

However, Bolt may have to achieve immortality without his trusty skipping rope although Games chief Sebastian Coe has ordered an investigation.

“I presume the skipping rope was a warm-up aid so I will look at that,” Coe said.

Bolt appears not to have suffered any ill effects after partying with the Swedish women’s handball team after his victory at the weekend. The Jamaican fast man tweeted a picture of the foursome along with the message “A gaza (in Kingston) we say hmmm mmm.”

For their part, the Swedish girls claim that Bolt was the epitome of gentlemanliness.

“We met his coach in the dining room and asked if we could follow on and meet Bolt,” Jamina Roberts told The Mirror.

“It was awesome, he wasn’t cocky or anything. He wasn’t drunk, either, he’d just got back from the race,” she said

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