Looking more like an airport check in desk and lounge than a burger restaurant, this mega Maccas has the capacity to serve 1,200 customers an hour (though hopefully none of the Olympic athletes).

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It’s expected to sell £3 millions worth of burgers, fries and sodas during the world’s biggest sporting event – but will be torn down again in September at the end of the Paralypics events.

1500 people will be able to sit and chow down on fast food, served by 200 staff at each shift – overall there will be 500 staff employed for the duration of the games.

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Not everyone is happy about the promotion of unhealthy food during a sporting event, however. The Green Party’s Jenny Jones, who ran for the position of London Mayor, complained that the junk food giants should never have been allowed to be associated as a sponsor of London 2012.

“London won the right to host the 2012 Games with the promise to deliver a legacy of more active, healthier children across the world.” said Jones.

“The advertising of foods high in fat, salt and sugar is already restricted on children’s television. These Games will subvert those regulations by providing a glut of sponsored messages for high calorie food and drink that are at odds with the Olympian athletic ideal.”

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The Green Party assembly member can at least take some small comfort that the mega-restaurant is McDonald’s very first sustainable outlet – 75% of the fixtures and fittings will be recycled or reused, which McDonald’s UK boss Jill McDonald says is a “world’s first” for the global chain.

“The one [McDonald’s restaurant] in the Athletes Village is likely to be the busiest of all of them and athletes know more than most people what they should and shouldn’t be eating.” McDonald optimistically told The Sun.

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