In a bid to combat an anticipated fall in profits due to road closures, cab driver David Weekes has found a way of boosting profits and making the most of his taxi.

Weekes converted his cab into a Relax-A-Taxi – a mobile bedroom on wheels, making him a tidy £50 per night.

Kitted out with a comfortable sleeping space, bedside lamp, curtains, solar powered radio, iPad and portable fridge, There’s even has a teddy bear. After all, we all need a hug when we’re far from home in a big city.

Guests get the option of being driven to different locations during their stay – going to sleep outside the Olympic stadium one moment and waking up outside the London Eye the next.

Cabbie David Weekes said, “I’m really excited that the Olympics are coming to the city but it’s going to be a nightmare for cab drivers. So when I heard that I could rent out my taxi on [room rental website] Wimdu, I thought it was a no-brainer – after all, who knows London better than a cabbie?”