The route, which is expected to open in 2016, could run for more than 15 miles (24km) through the western suburbs, central London and Barking. Over the next four years, the cycle routes will be created and run parallel to Tube lines and bus routes reports the BBC.

The cycle tracks will be segregated like they are in Amsterdam, running through places like Victoria Embankment and the Westway flyover. Some dangerous junctions, such as those at Blackfriars and Vauxhall, will be redesigned and a new network of “Quietways” which will be “direct, continuous, fully-signposted routes on peaceful side streets” which will run into the suburbs.

Mr Johnson said: “I want to make it normal, something for everyone, something you feel comfortable doing in your ordinary clothes. Our new routes will give people the confidence to get in the saddle. “I want to de-Lycrafy cycling,” he added.

“I do not promise perfection, or that London will become Amsterdam any time soon. But what I do say is that this plan marks a profound shift in my ambitions and intentions for the bicycle.”

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