Judge Mr Justice Sweeney granted bail to Pryce, 60, until she faces sentencing and stressed that she should be “under no illusions” about the possibility of her going to jail.

A jury of seven men and five women delivered a unanimous verdict after 48 hours – a previous jury in the same case was dismissed by Justice Sweeney after not coming to a decision and failing to comprehend their role.

Pryce and Huhne, 58, will be sentenced together.

They were charged together over an incident March 2003, in which Huhne’s BMW was clocked speeding.

“Obviously Ms Pryce was present when I indicated to Mr Huhne the inevitable consequences of a conviction for an offence of this sort,” Justice Sweeney told Pryce today.

“She must be under no illusions that my granting of bail indicates any watering down of that provisional approach.”

Last month, Huhne admitted he had lied to police about who was driving his car when it was recorded speeding – he claimed it was his wife of 26 years and mother of his three children.

Pryce claimed she was innocent because she had been forced by her spouse to take the points under her name.

Prosecutor Andrew Edis QC said Pryce was “manipulative and deceitful”.

“She is one of the most powerful, talented, intelligent and trusted women in the country. She is not someone who could be reduced to a quivering jelly,” he said.

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