But the man of the people has forgiven the UK and is back with yet another one of his mammoth, three-hour (at least) gigs this year.

He is wisely not going back to the scene of the crime, Hyde Park, but is taking to the iconic surrounds of the totally ass-kicking Wembley Stadium.

His last album, 2012’s Wrecking Ball, saw New Jersey’s famous son back in a bullish mood and featured the sort of grandstanding yet intimate songs he’s famous for (the milder eccentricity of the preceding Working On A Dream was replaced by a more bristling sound and lyrical content, with many of Ball’s songs dating back to the Nineties). Even so, it is the biggies most people will be rocking up for. 

Springsteen’s ability to write the sort of music that is terrace-ready and crowd pleasing, but which does not lose either his emotional clout or personal voice is what has won him so many fans and ensured his longevity. See him play on stage, whether it is New York’s Madison Square Garden in 1978, or London’s Wembley Stadium in the new millennium’s second decade, and you never once get the feeling you’re watching a multi-millionaire on stage – his passion, energy, and dedication to delivering a great show remains undimmed and unparalleled. 

Eighty thousand people singing Born To Run – it’s as rock ‘n’ roll should be!

Wembley Stadium, Empire Way, HA9 0WS
Sat, June 15 | Doors at 12pm |  £45   
Tube | Wembley Park  

Photo: Getty