A YouTube video showing a clash between a 16-year-old girl and London police officers may have heightened tensions during the riots that took place in Tottenham on Saturday night.??

The video, taken Saturday evening, shows the young girl on the ground surrounded by police officers who were controlling the area after violent riots broke out.??

According to spectators, the girl was participating in the riots and threw a glass champagne bottle at officers.

"She went down on the floor but once she managed to get up she was hit again before being half-dragged away by her friend,” said Laurence Bailey, who witnessed the incident firsthand. ??

??In the video, a female rioter can be heard shouting "It's a f***ing

girl, it's a f***ing girl. Look how he is dealing with her."??

Check out the full video here:


After she was hit with police batons, rioters threw missiles back at the police officers, according to other accounts from onlookers.??

The riots started Saturday night after Mark Duggan, a father of four, was fatally shot by a police officer Thursday evening.

??Duggan’s fiancé, Semone Wilson, commented on the video, showing some level of sympathy for the police involved.

"They would not have attacked her for no reason. She had a bottle in her hand and threw it," she said.