Several people were filmed looting sporting goods after a night of violet rioting in Tottenham on Sunday with video footage even showing a girl trying on trainers from JD Sports before stealing them.

The footage was taken by Sky News and shows people taking bags of clothing and shoes from JD Sports in the Tottenham Hale retail park.

Check out the video here:


Twitter was abuzz with commentary from people who saw the video or witnessed the looting first hand.??

StReathamSoul wrote: “Overturned bins and broken windows at JD Sports suggest riotting got as far as Streatham last night.”??

In response to another Twitter user, MisterMambu wrote “@kaolinek Exactly, I can't see any rationale for the looting at this point! Stealing trainers from JD sports has never been revolutionary.”

“Just watched the video footage of looters on sky news…The death of Mark Duggan now just an excuse for anarchy,” tweeted LisaCur.

“Around the world, social media has helped topple dictators and build democracy. In Britain, it's used to loot JD Sports. Embarrassing,” wrote saturngirl.

“So JD Sports got looted? I think the Police should just arrest anyone in London wearing Mckenzie. If they weren't looters? I don't care,” says The_Paris_Angel.

The looting came after a night of rioting in Northern London after the death of Mark Duggan, who was shot by police last Thursday. ??

Riots continued last night, spreading to other boroughs including Brixton and Islington. So far, there have been over 100 civilian arrests.

?According to the Metropolitan police, at least 35 officers have also been injured.