People were forced to strip during the Birmingham riots last nigt, it has been alleged.

A Twitter photo reveals a young men stripped down to nothing but his undergarments after he was apparently forced to give up his clothing to a looter during the riots that took place last night.

According to allegations on the internet, this was not an uncommon scene during the riots: many civilians reported on Twitter that they were being forced to give up their clothes to looters as police tried to prevent rioters from causing more damage in Birmingham.

However, these allegations have not been confirmed by police officials.

Last night, London experienced a third night of rioting that were sparked from the death of Mark Duggan late last week.

Hackney, Ealing, Croydon, Clapham and Notting Hill were the latest areas to be hit by violence and looting, and over 450 people have been arrested since the riots began on Saturday evening.

The violence has spread from the capital to other UK cities including Liverpool and Birmingham.

Prime Minister David Cameron said he would have 16,000 police on the streets tonight in preperation for a possible fourth night of violence.

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Photo courtesy of Twitter.