Turkey is an excellent destination for sun and beach holidays. It has been a thriving package holiday destination for many years. It provides many resorts for all budgets. Recent years have seen a reduction in tourist visitors, mostly due to the countries proximity to conflict zones like Syria. In reality, the risks of travel in Turkey have been massively overhyped and the terror threat in most Turkish regions is much the same as any part of Europe. I personally visited Turkey last year, and can’t recommend enough visiting this amazing region crammed full of history and culture.

Turkey has many wonderful attractions and many Unesco World Heritage sites to explore. In many places tourism development has been minimised so they retain their historic charm and character. The local people are unbelievably hospitable and welcoming. I’ve found the locals to be warmer and friendlier than many European destinations. They thrive on tourism and due to the reduction in recent years, they are so keen to impress and provide you with a positive experience. One other massive attraction to visiting Turkey is the cost of living. Unlike Euro currency countries Turkey retains the Turkish Lira and as a result, means your pound goes a lot further than in mainland Europe. Food and drink is especially reasonable and you will be gobsmacked by the low-cost meals you can enjoy in Restaurants and tavernas.

The package holiday market may have suffered over recent years, but one area which is thriving is the sailing holiday market. The Turkish coast and islands are a mecca for sailing. The Agean sea is the area of water between Greece and Turkey and it offers some ideal conditions for relaxing sailing holidays. It’s renowned to have much calmer water and more predictable wind than many other sailing destinations like Greece. This coupled with so many bays and islands to explore makes it the perfect destination for sailing. The main hubs for sailing activities along the Turkish coast are Bodrum and Marmaris, Fethiye and Dalyan. There are also many different types of sailing holidays available from day cruises, bareboat hire, skippered boat hire and flotilla sailing groups. Also, the types of boat available vary from small boats all the way up to luxury gulets. Gulets originate from Turkey and their elegant designs have been replicated across Europe in places like Croatia and Greece. They offer exceptional living accommodation and come in all sizes and levels of luxury. Boats like the 50m long “All About U” offer super-Yacht levels of finish, and modern luxurious design, whereas other boats offer more traditional elegance.

There really is a wide selection of boats for all tastes and budgets. Most boats will be fully crewed to ensure your stay is stress-free and that all of your requirements are met. Expect wonderful cuisine and attentive service from your onboard crew. Relax as you explore the lush and unspoilt coastline and shelter for the night in your own exclusive coves and bays.

The Turkish coast offers so much to enjoy and there has never been a better time to enjoy it, as the market is so competitive and reasonably priced. Take advantage of these great value trips and visit some of the most wonderful coastlines you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Top destinations:

Fethiye is one of the main sailing destinations and offers lots on and off land. You can Paraglide from the mountains above the town, and enjoy excellent bars, restaurants and shopping.

I personally love the Dalyan region, with its unspoilt coast, rock tombs and loggerhead turtles.

There is too much to possibly describe, but one thing you won’t be short of is turquoise sea, sandy beaches and more bays to explore than boats on the water, so you can ensure you’ll have the whole place to yourself.

Getting there:

Istanbul is still the main international flight hub, but there are smaller airports along the coast like the brand new Dalaman International Airport which is opening up more and more direct routes.