Madagascar in one week

As you will most likely fly into Antananarivo, it is a good idea to acclimatize to the exotic world of Madagascar in the capital for at leas two days. There are stylish restaurants, which offers world class Malagasy jazz and many local groups playing traditional music.

The city markets offer an adventure for bargain hunters and the craft markets are exquisite. The historically minded should make sure to visit the Rova palace overlooking the city.

Move south on day three to Toliara and the Parc National de L’Isalo. Give yourself at least two days two see the various species of lemurs before you head to the beaches of Ifaty for a tropical beach holiday.

After three days of cocktails and sundowners on the Ifaty beaches you will have to be dragged to the air-strip at Toliara for a flight back to Antananarivo.

In two weeks +

Start the same way as for a one-week visit, but add a two-day visit to the Parc National de L’Isalo to see the sandstone formations and red sunsets before you head for the beaches of Ifaty.

After your flight back to Antananarivo, either travel to the east coast to see the leftovers of the former colonial grandeur of Toamasina and enjoy the beaches of Mahavelona or head straight west to the seaside town of Morondava.

From Morondava there are several day trips to explore the wildlife and beaches in the area.