Data has shown that since records began in 1910, 2013’s summer was 1.2C hotter than average.

Records also indicate that in the last 10 years, all but one summer has been hotter than average, suggesting global warming as a possible cause. Furthermore, the soaring mercury has also wreaked havoc on the country causing the most devastating fires to have hit Sydney since 1968.

A new record was also set for the most consecutive days the temperature was above 39C. Between January 2nd and 8th, 2013, there were seven days of intense heat, breaking the previous record of four days with temperatures above 39C in 1973. The highest temperature in the country was recorded in Moomba in the South on January 12th, when the mercury hit 49.6C. The day was the hottest on record since 1998.

Speaking on ABC News, Neil Plummer from the Bureau of Metrology said: “Most of the warming has occurred since around 1950, and that’s consistent with the global pattern.”

He added that data from other bureaus around the globe suggests a ‘warming’ Australia, and a ‘warming world’.

Following the news, there is likely to be further debate over what can be done to tackle climate change – in Australia, and beyond.

Image credit: Thinkstock