The man has not been identified, but is believed to be in his twenties. He was reported missing on Friday after ‘kidnappers’ made contact with the family in Cartagena, in south eastern Spain.

The young mans’ “captors” had apparently threatened to chop off his legs and kill him if the family failed to pay them. According to Spanish newspaper La Informacion, as well as threatening the family, the kidnappers were also very well-informed about the families’ properties and personal wealth.

After police launched an investigation into the disappearance, the son quickly reappeared at the family home claiming to be “safe and well,”. Police became suspicious and uncovered that the son’s kidnapper was a local poker hall owner, who had allegedly been in on the extortion the entire time.

Under questioning, the son confessed that the stunt had been planned by him with the poker hall owner. Both men have subsequently been arrested and are currently awaiting charges.