A man was killed when a swarm of bees he had been called to remove
from a house in Centurion descended on him on Wednesday night,
paramedics said.

“Although he was wearing protective clothing, the bees somehow managed
to get into the suit and sting him. It is believed he removed his
gloves at some stage during the attack, giving the bees more access to
open areas and to sting,” spokesperson Mike Stokoe said.

Paramedics called to the scene found it difficult to help the man in
time as the bees were “extremely aggressive”, making it difficult for
them to get closer.

“A doctor at the scene was stung when she tried in vain to get
closer… there was unfortunately nothing that could be done for the
victim after the aggressive attack and he was declared dead on the
scene by paramedics,” Stokoe said.

He advised people to avoid disturbing swarms of bees or beehives and to
rather call professionals to remove unwanted bees or hives.