Paul Rossington, 30, and Kristen Schroder, 27, were reported missing when the Carnival Spirit docked at Sydney’s Circular Quay on Thursday morning and staff of the liner noted they did not collect their bags as the other 2680 passengers disembarked.

After security footage was analysed it was revealed that Miss Schroder had fallen from the deck of the liner around 9pm on Wednesday evening and that Mr Rossington had fallen in to the sea shortly afterwards. It is thought that he had jumped into the sea in an attempt to rescue her.

Carnival Cruise Lines company said in a statement:

“As part of our standard protocol, a full ship search was conducted as well as examination of closed circuit video.

“There is indication from the shipboard video of what transpired.

“There is no evidence of foul play. However, out of respect for the families, we are not going to publicy disclose the details of what occurred.”

Survival experts estimate that the average amount of time someone can survive when exposed to the open ocean is around three days.

A search and rescue operation was launched on Thursday but later called off hours later after the couple had not been found.

Photo: Getty.