Janette Murray-Wakelin and Alan Murray have run a total of 15,000 kilometres around Australia. And today, they completed the final leg of their mammoth run with a 44km run down the Yarra Trail to their home in Warrandyte.

The 60-year-old couple embarked on their mission to run a marathon every day for a year in an attempt to promote healthy lifestyle choices. The two ate only vegan food for the 12 months and never once missed a day of exercise.

Upon finishing the epic run, Mr Murray thanked the volunteers who “gave up their valuable time” to support them. He added: “They all helped us… to drive our vehicles, to be our nannies, push us out the door in the morning and just generally take care of us.”

His wife, Ms Murray-Wakelin, said that the couple want to continue promoting their healthy lifestyle message.

She said: “We feel blessed to have been part of bringing that message forth and that this is not the end. We might have finished the marathons, but this is just the beginning and together we will make a difference.”

Image credit: YouTube