What’s the first thing you would advise travellers who want a marketing or promotion job in Australia? I would initially recommend updating your CV so that it lists all of your previous positions and skill sets. You should also ensure that you list all of your key achievements on your CV as this can really assist when you are selling yourself to the company you are applying to – examples are great! You also need to ensure that you identify a point of difference that can set you aside from the other candidates. You should think about what makes you right for the role and what you can bring to the company.

Are there lots of jobs available for travellers in marketing and promotions? Companies are always keen to hire overseas marketing candidates as their experience means they often bring different qualities to local candidates. We do tend to see more marketing professionals hired into sponsored positions rather than as short-term working holiday makers though. Marketing roles form a strong part of our business as there is lots of demand right now.

What do you primarily look for in a potential candidate? When reviewing candidates who are keen on being sponsored, Geoffrey Nathan look for people who meet the DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) guidelines. The guidelines state that candidates seeking sponsorship need to have had five years experience in marketing and/or hold a relevant degree. In addition to the legalities, we also look for candidates that have a strong work ethic, accompanied by a desire to be successful.

What qualifications are needed? Five years experience is vital. A marketing degree will also assist you in gaining sponsorship in Australia.

Do the qualifications vary between States? For a 457, visa qualifications do not vary.

What are the rates of pay? And what are the variables? Rates of pay will vary from job to job and are dependent on the person’s seniority and level of experience. In order to be sponsored through GNC, you will need to be on a package of $57,250, inclusive of super, which is certainly attainable in the marketing/promotions industry.

Do you offer any training? Geoffrey Nathan does not offer training, however we can certainly push candidates in the right direction.

What sort of positions do you recruit for within the marketing/promotion sector? We sponsor candidates from a junior level right through to a very senior level.

Are there any sponsorship opportunities? Absolutely! Geoffrey Nathan is able to sponsor any candidate who meets the criteria set by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. When being sponsored through GNC, candidates are issued with a flexible five- year visa which allows them to work for one employer or alternatively, multiple employers (providing it’s within the same industry) without having to apply for a new visa. This is great news for candidates as they are able to gain maximum exposure and experience. Sponsored candidates may also be eligible to receive LAFHA (The Living Away from Home Allowance). LAFHA is a tax-free allowance that allows some sponsored candidates to receive a portion of their income tax-free. The amount of LAFHA received is dependent on a candidate’s income.

What are the benefits of getting some Australian work experience? If you are considering applying for sponsorship, gaining some work experience in Australia will be invaluable when making contacts and getting your foot in the door. Travellers working on a 417 visa often apply to be sponsored and continue on with the original company they are working for. In general, gaining work experience in Australia can look really good on your CV and can give you an extra edge when applying for jobs upon returning home.

Thanks to Luke Klumpp, Sales Manager, Sponsorship Team, Geoffrey Nathan.