The carrier found that other regularly packed home comforts included peanut butter, kettles and tomatoes.

Perhaps unsurprisingly – considering these strange packing habits – nine out of 10 holidaymakers admitted that they don’t use about 30 per cent of the items they take on holiday.

For example, almost half of those surveyed revealed that they take more than three pairs of shoes away with them for a week-long break.

Perhaps even weirder, one in eight people insist on cramming more than three towels into their suitcase.

Abigail Comber, British Airways’ head of brands and marketing, said: “We don’t really want to have to choose between books, toiletries or tea-bags … just to avoid excess baggage fees.

“[But] something as basic as checking what your baggage limit is on your chosen airline will help. We know from the research that 23 per cent of people don’t look into it before they get to the airport.”