Fashion is big business. The UK spent over £50 billion on clothing last year, our high streets are dominated by clothing stores and London is known worldwide as one of the planets fashion capitals.

But who are the people controlling what styles and trends make it to our wardrobes? How much are these people worth? And most importantly how much control do they have on what we wear?

To answer these questions, cashback service Quidco have created “The Fashion Syndicate” an interactive database which explores the intricacies of the fashion world.

The Fashion Syndicate discovers exactly who owns what as well as uncovering some interesting connections between brands, their CEOs, designers, and most importantly how all of this influences the high street.

So who are the major players controlling our catwalks?

The Billion Dollar Club

 Bernard Arnault

  • Owner of LVMH
  • Worth an estimated $34.4 billion
  • Top Brands: Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs   

Alain and Gerard Wertheimer

  • Owners of Chanel S.A
  • Worth an estimated $19 billion
  • Top Brands: Coco Chanel

François-Henri Pinault

  • Owner of Kering 
  • Worth an estimated $15 billion
  • Top Brands: 

Sir Philip Greene

  • Owner of Arcadia
  • Worth an estimated $5.6 billion
  • Top Brands


The High Street Billionaire Brands


  • H&M: Estimated value $15.9 billion
  • Nike: Estimated value $27.5 billion
  • Adidas: Estimated value $7 billion
  • Net-A-Porter: Estimated value $3 billion  


Cashback service Quidco commented on The Fashion Syndicate: 

Here in the UK, fashion is ingrained in our culture, and we wanted to show people exactly who was responsible for the designs we see for sale in our local high street stores.”

“The Fashion Syndicate gives users a comprehensive look at the fashion industry as a whole, helping you decide which high street stores are best for you based on which designers influence them the most.”

“It’s a must have tool for any budding fashionista!”

You can take a look at the entire fashion syndicate by clicking here.